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Meyda Tiffany Lighting is a decorative lighting manufacturing and wholesale distributor of quality Tiffany style stained glass lamps and fixtures. We offer the world's most extensive collection of stained glass lamps, fixtures and windows including Tiffany reproductions and Meyda original designs using our famous copperfoil construction technique. Each is a unique work of art is created for generations to cherish for many years to come.

Tiffany Founded in our Roots

Meyda Tiffany was founded when Meyer Cohen was asked by his wife Ida, to build a stained glass window in their kitchen so they wouldn't have to view the vintage cars in their neighbor's driveway. Meyer was a master craftsman and inventor, and his wife Ida was a natural business woman - together they combined their names to form the Meyda Lighting Brand that we know today. What began as a hobby evolved into America's Premier Tiffany and Decorative Lighting manufacturing and importing company.

Handmade Tiffany Glass Heritage


Meyer Cohen

Comprehensive Popular In-Stock Designs Ready to Ship Now

Currently hundreds of in-stock Tiffany Reproductions, Meyda Originals, and other stained glass designs are available with as little as a one-day lead time. America's largest Tiffany warehouse is supported by state-of-the-art material handling equipment and cutting-edge AI Technology. Let our Drop-Ship capabilities serve customers for your e-commerce platform or our in-house delivery truck can sell trailer loads to meet any retail distribution strategy.

  • Our stained glass collection includes Tiffany Reproductions, Meyda Originals, Arts & Crafts and Mission lighting that honor the rich tradition of minimalist design and quality craftsmanship. 
  • World-renowned designs include the Hanginghead Dragonfly, Peacock Feather, Fishscale, Rosebush, Flowering Lotus and a multitude of other popular styles.
  • Reverse Painted Shades featuring Handel's Antique Reproductions, Art Glass Reproductions of Duffner & Kimberly and Wilkinson Lamp Company designs, as well as stunning reproductions from famed painter and illustrator Maxfield Parrish, are available.

Configuration and customization are the attributes that we are most proud of.

Configuration and customization are the attributes that we are most proud of Let us know what your desired fixture application is and we can make almost any Stained Glass lamp shade work to suit your customer's desire.

Tiffany Lighting Fleur-de-lis Chandelier
62"W Fleur-de-lis Inverted Pendant - 211545

 The large inverted Fleur-de-lis pendant is an original Meyda design.
This iconic pattern is reminiscent of stained glass used in renowned castlesand cathedrals and holds a prominent place in French Heraldry.

Tiffany Lamp Cabbage Rose Floral
31"H Tiffany Cabbage Rose Table Lamp - 30513

The Cabbage Rose Table Lamp is a Tiffany art glass reproduction
featuring a wreath of Pink flowers that was created using
the famous copperfoil construction technique.

Tiffany Pendant Lighting Roses
36"W Tiffany Rosebush Chandelier - 180722

The most beloved of all floral beauties. The Rosebush is beautifully represented in this stunning reproduction of a Tiffany Studio Classic.

Tiffany Lamp Blue Dragonfly
25"H Tiffany Hanginghead Dragonfly Table Lamp - 118840

One of Tiffany Studio's most beloved designs, Dragonflies dive and circle with glowing Scarlet jeweled eyes and delicate metal filigreed emerald wings circle over hand cut and copper foiled pieces of Blue and Green water-like rippled glass over a Sunset colored art glass accented with colorful jewel dew drops.

Tiffany Lighted Window Tree of Life
30"W Tiffany Tree of Life Stained Glass Lighted Window - 152459

When natural light is not an option, a stained glass window can be inserted into a wall and back lit using Meyda's integral LEDs for high quality illumination, energy savings and long life. 

Tiffany Lighting Wall Sconce Mission
20"W Nuevo Mission 3 Light Vanity - 66526

The Nuevo Mission Vanity Light features three art glass shades. The versatile fixture is ideal as a stunning vanity light in a fine bath or as a gorgeous wall sconce in a variety of spaces.

Bent Glass Tiffanies

One of the Meyda Lighting divisions, Quality Bent Glass, opened its doors at the turn of the 20th century. The company revolutionized the manufacturing process for high temperature glass forming by custom building production capacity glass forming ovens and kilns. Best known for supplying fixtures and components to the original Louis C Tiffany Studios. Today we are one of the only remaining manufacturers of bent glass lighting and take pride in a rich heritage and expertise of over 100 years in the making. We are still creating timeless masterpieces using original tools, technologies and techniques. Quality Bent Glass is credited with producing the original Coca-Cola stained glass lamps which are still made today. High-fired glass designs and metal finishes are customizable as each Meyda Tiffany bent glass lamp or fixture is handcrafted to order.

Bent Glass Antique Style Lighting

Wide range of Tiffany Products

Meyda offers a broad range of Tiffany styled lamps and fixtures. Similar to Tiffany Studios, Meyda offers a broad design palette including Nature Inspired, Flowers, Animals, Landscape, and other highly sought-after motifs. We have a custom department and can handle custom configurations of current designs or totally custom 1 off pieces to meet your needs. The value we add is configuration and customization. Our tiffany selection is more than box in and box out, we can custom configure almost any hardware with any lamp shade. Focus on finding the colors and pattern you like and call us with your intended use and we will make a recommendation on the best hardware option to suit your needs.

    Tiffany Lighting Reproductions

    These artistic masterpieces re-create Tiffany Studios' most cherished designs in all their glory and splendor. Handcrafted authentic stained glass shades are complemented with luxurious handmade bases and hardware. Each Museum quality piece is a unique work of art for generations to cherish enduring for years to come.

    A stained glass room divider partition is a beautiful solution to dividing large rooms while adding texture, ambiance and privacy to your space. The Grapevine piece is a portable and versatile work of art. 52"W X 63"H Grapevine Room Divider - 67676

    Tiffany Panel Room Divider

    Tiffany Laburnum Lamps, Pendants and Chandeliers

    The cascading blossoms in hues of Sunrise Yellow, Willow White and Azure Blue glass, with Spring Green leaves made the Tiffany Laburnum a favorite subject of the Louis Comfort Tiffany Studio. These beautiful Laburnum art glass shades with an undulating border are paired with Mahogany Bronze finished hardware.

    Tiffany Lamp Blue Yellow
    Tiffany Pendant Light Jadestone
    Tiffany Lamp Pink Laburnum
    Tiffany Lamp Blue Laburnum

    Tiffany Magnolia Lamps

    A stunning reproduction of the Tiffany Studios masterpiece depicts a picturesque flower garden with lush radiant colors as Magnolia blossoms bloom in brilliant hues of Reds, Pinks and Violets among green vines against a Dusky Azure sky. A multitude of individual pieces of art glass are hand-cut and hand-applied using the famous Meyda Tiffany copperfoil construction process.

    Tiffany Lamp Magnolia Pink Orange
    Tiffany Lamp Magnolia Tree Floor Base
    Magnolia Tiffany Lamp Floral Base
    Tiffany Pendant Light Magnolia Pink Orange

    Tiffany Wisteria

    Re-creating Tiffany Studios iconic lighting design that dates back to 1906, our Tiffany Wisteria lamp features cascading blossoms in variegated hues of Blue and Lavender art glass, accented with Spring Green leaves. Designed with an undulating border, this beautiful art glass shade offers a complex artistic pattern comprising of nearly 2,000 glass pieces which are individually selected, cut and set by hand using the famous Meyda Tiffany copperfoil construction. The overall effect achieved is lyrical and full of movement, capturing the lushness of the wisteria tree in bloom. This popular lamp graced the cover of Meyda's first catalog.

    Nightfall Wisteria Tiffany Lamp
    Tiffany Lamp Blue Wisteria
    Tiffany Pendant Lighting Blue Wisteria
    Tiffany Table Lamp Nightfall Wisteria