Custom Lighting Design

At Meyda, we take pride in being a custom lighting manufacturer of distinction, providing an extensive array of illuminating fixtures that can be tailored to embody your own personal style, finish, size, and diffuser color. Our commitment to bespoke design means we are equipped to bring to life your unique vision, crafting a one-of-a-kind lighting fixture that perfectly captures your individual needs. Our relentless pursuit of innovation and utilization of the latest technologies elevates our offering, delivering added value that extends beyond mere architectural and decorative lighting, transcending all projects and applications with elegance and sophistication.

Hotel Lobby Pendant

Custom Lighting offers the following benefits:

Allow you to decide the dimensions of the fixture based on the space requirements.

Select material and finishing per your project demand.

Customize the overall appearance depending on your preference.

Ensure lighting effects based on light sources, quantity of fixtures, power and optics.

Meyda Lighting featured in custom home on Hinkley Lake

Rustic Home Meets Rustic Lighting

View this beautiful rustic residence on Hinckley Lake in Upstate New York, with custom lighting provided by Meyda.

Our Dedicated Customs Team works with you to solve your custom lighting challenges.

Oblong Dining Pendant
Illuminate Dining Sign
Fluted Tier Chandelier
Hotel Lobby Pendant

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can we create individual custom lighting fixtures and others in large quantities?

    Yes, Meyda has the potential to create a one-of-a-kind piece or a multitude of items, from wall sconces and ceiling pendants, to decorative pier mounts to post mounts. Not just limited to one of a kind pieces, Meyda provides scores of themes for various projects across a range of market segments. No project is too large or complex.

  • Is your Custom lighting Made in the USA?

    Yes, most of our Custom lighting fixtures are made in our 180,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Yorkville, NY. Low quantity production is quick and easy with a high level of quality control.

    For longer lead time, high-volume quantities and budget-sensitive projects, we can outsource products from our manufacturing partners overseas.

  • Are you able to customize any lighting design?

    We have full custom capabilities and a dedicated team on-site, which means that we can help you with almost any lamp or lighting fixture. Please provide your specific lighting needs including budget and lead-time requirements, whenever possible. 

  • Is it possible to have custom finishes or two different finishes on one fixture?

    Yes, we offer a variety of custom finishes, from hand painted to powder coated. Let us know what you’re envisioning and we are happy to work with you to find the right custom finish for your fixture. Over the years, we have developed a myriad of meticulous finishing techniques. Create a poetical fusion for fixture details and surfaces with the rich hues, depth, sheen and character of mottled wet paints brushed by artisans and the consistent durability of environmentally friendly, scratch and chemical resistant powder coat. Protective marine grade and UV/corrosion resistant exterior finishes are available to withstand the harshest climates. With hundreds of hand-applied finish options to choose from, Meyda offers an extensive palette of rich tones and textures to reflect individual tastes, sensibilities and lifestyles. 

  • Can you create custom fixtures in very small or large sizes? 

    Yes, our custom Fixtures can be created in nearly any size from diminutive mini pendants or mini lamps to Grand styled chandeliers. Meyda has created the world’s largest free standing chandelier.

  • Can you create custom fixtures with sustainable materials?

    Yes, we can create custom fixtures with nearly any material including antlers, reclaimed woods, jadestone, seashells, barrel staves, and other fine naturally harvested materials such as Driftwood, Hickory, Walnut and Birchwood. To meet your custom lighting needs, Brass and Copper fixtures with unlimited combinations of styles, functions, sizes and finishes for indoor and outdoor applications. 

  • Can you make a custom fixture with dedicated LEDs?

    Depending on the type of custom lighting design, we can incorporate individual LED lamps or integral LED strips. LEDs provide an energy efficient light source with long rated life. Not just limited to energy efficient LEDs, our latest offering features ultra-thin OLEDs that use nanotechnology for glare-free light and visual comfort.  

  • What is the custom lighting design approval process?

    Communication is critical to for custom lighting. Detail oriented fixtures require technical specification sheets/drawings. It is important that physical material and finish samples are labeled on drawings and the customer has a hard set to reference. When custom items are quoted and changes occur, new samples and quotes may be required. Project managers need to follow the progression and customization of items, as details may change several times throughout this process. Utilizing appropriate communication channels, such as email, will ensure that the team stays updated and deadlines are met. 

  • Need additional information?
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